Although your breast implants are recognised to be extremely safe, it is always best practice to have them regularly checked by your surgeon to ensure there are no unexpected complications or problems. Mr Kazzazi recommends and uses the global market-leading brand breast implants and assures all of his patients that the risk of complication is minimal but still encourages his patients to have an annual breast implant check up, with the help of ultrasound scanning and MRI if required, in accredited facilities.

Mr Kazzazi is also happy to consult any patient who has had breast implants elsewhere whether or not he was your original surgeon.

The recent and ongoing high-profile scandal of substandard breast implants  breast implants has left many patients with no-where to go for reassurance following the closure of many of the original clinics. As a result, Mr Kazzazi has created his Breast Implant Check-up Service to give all breast implant patients the reassurance and peace of mind they deserve.

If you have any concerns about your breast implants, Mr Kazzazi is happy to arrange a consultation to discuss things with you and advise the best next-step. The main thing is to be safe. If you have any questions or concerns please call the Natural LooK Clinic where a member of our team will be pleased to help you.