Mr. Kazzazi now offers 3D breast augmentation simulations heralding a new era in breast cosmetic surgery.

The first 3D web-based physical simulator for breast augmentation can now answer the common question every potential patient has: “How could I look after cosmetic surgery?”.

How does it work?
The 3D physical simulator faithfully reconstructs the body’s chest frame based on the properties of the patient’s muscle, skin, fat and glandular elements of the body. This enables you to visualize your new shape in a 3D ‘before and after’ simulation – as opposed to imagining the result using ‘bras & sizers, or even looking at photos of other patients that do not represent your own anatomy.

From three standard digital photos, you and Mr Kazzazi will be able to select the desired implant and specify the insertion technique to generate an accurate, instantaneous 3D breast augmentation simulation of your post-surgery body. This breakthrough technology increases patient education, understanding and interaction, and optimizes post-surgery satisfaction.

The programme also has a Virtual Wardrobe feature which allows you to see your new self in real life conditions and know how your new shape will look in your favorite clothes.

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